Android NDK – Google’s Native Development Kit for Android

I’m getting impressed by Android development more and more. Beside an obligatory SDK, Google offers a so-called “Native Development Kit” (Android NDK). Well, what is it good for? Actually, it compiles C and C++ sources to native binaries. Right! You can’t generate much faster code than this way.

So Android really provides the luxery of the Java language (all along with its huge amount of frameworks and support) as well as a c/c++ compiler (namely: gcc) for performance critical tasks.

Even more. With Rev 3, Android NDK now has  support added for the OpenGL ES 2.0 native library, which must be the best thing that possibly could happen to all 3D geeks out there.

As far as I am concerned, I already have compiled some of my ancient, performance critical math-routines, created a nice Android GUI and now I am using them from my cute little cell phone. Really very, very nice.


2 thoughts on “Android NDK – Google’s Native Development Kit for Android

    • Du wirst es kaum glauben, aber es war die Auto-Korrelations-Routine mit einer Simulationzeitreihe. Hey, in so einem Smartphone steckt heutzutage immerhin ein 500MHz-Prozessor, das ist kein (oder nicht nur ) ein Spielzeug.
      Und mit den OpenGL-Routinen könnte man sogar Dichte-Visualisierung betreiben – was die alten IRIXe konnten, kann mein Android auch!

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