How to go to the Gym at 6am – regularly!

About three months ago I started getting up early. Very early. At 4:30am when I go to the gym, else between 5am and 6am. I was wondering if I was any fitter in the morning doing my exercises at the gym. And actually, I was.

I was getting pushed by the momentum that success I had hoped for, even thoughI did not really expect it. While I wasn’t tired at all, I was getting happier day by day. I really mean “happier”. Happier because I catched the very first train from the suburb I live in to the city. Happier, because I was experiencing early mornings on a regular basis I had never experienced before. Happier, because I was among the first ones at the gym at 6am (although I didn’t make it the first one, yet. Yes, there *are* folks more commited than I am). Happier, because I could do more intense exercises. And finally happier, because I went to work having finished gym while others had just got out of their bed drinking coffee to get (stay) awake.

I am definitely committed to keeping on this habit. Of course, I’ve got to go to bed early now. At latest, I go to bed at 10pm. Which is ok, because my gym closes at that time anyway πŸ˜‰ Well, seriously. I don’t miss staying up late. I consider it much more important for myself, doing my excercises in the morning than watching TV (and eating crisps) in the evening.

If you are interested cheering at me for getting up early, feel free to send me messages on Twitter. I feel very enthusiastic sharing every time I make it to the gym this early, which, in return, increases my enthusiasm to repeat it.

Finally, if you are wondering wheather you could do it, too, I tell you wholeheartedly: Yes, you can! No excuses, mam/sir! I have two toddlers keeping me awake at nights, a wife demanding time and a non-9-to-5-job. If I can make it, you can, too. If you ask me how, there is a simple, very simple answer. One single word, which is: discipline! You definitely must get up every single morning early. An go to bed early. You must stop habits like (too much) alcohol, too late partying. Getting up in the early morning and going to the gym is a life style. This life style is not compatible with some others. If you really, really want it, you’ve got to skip all the other habits preventing you to implement this new life style on a regular basis.

Now, repeat after me:

“Yes, I want!”
“Yes, I can!”
“Yes, I will!”
“Yes, I did it!”
“Again and again!”



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