Four weeks of hard workout and red meat

So I’ve been living on red meat and hard workout for four weeks now. 

I remembered when I was dieting hard three years ago and I wasn’t able to build any muscle mass. Even worse, I combined cardio with hard workout. That was definitely a bad idea. I couldn’t progress in my weight increasing program.
This time I decided to diet on red meat while having my intense training phase. And fascinatingly it worked. I topped my lifting records by far. Only yesterday I had been trying to finish my upper back, and I didn’t succeed. After one hour of hard training I had to leave for home, literally unfinished. Actually, I could had carried on for a while.

Nevertheless I have decided to stop red meat diet and switch back to vegetables, fish and oatmeal. I gained 4kg and I am sure not all of it is muscle mass šŸ˜‰

All right then, muscle building phase finished, cardio started.