Finally, I managed to compile the clips of Cornwall and Devon I took five years ago. Again, I am stunningly astonished at the beauty of those places. The sea, the bridges, the moors, the bridges, the vegetation, the ponies … just everything:

It is safe to say Cornwall and Devon are among my top ten favoured places. And from all the variety of visuals they provide it is the hauting Dartmoor that impresses me the most. The very special climate there and the unreal trees and ponies make it a perfect fairy tale place. There is no need to watch out for long. Just drive somewhere, get out and have a thirty minutes walk. And on this walk there’s plenty of opportunities for taking painting-like photos.

Dartmoor Pony

Needless to say that I cannot wait until I’ll be back to that place. However, this year’s going to get me to Denmark, another place among my top ten. And I am quite sure Denmark will – again – be a place as beautiful as the South-West of England.



Most extraordinary thing happened today: We walk. Then we realized that there was a unique celebration: the 100th birthday of the harbor (Get more info here:

Well, “Happy Birthday”, I thought. Even better: Some ships were open for a visit and we actually had a lot of fun sightseeing life and fishing boats from the inside.

Anyways, here are some photos:

20140529_171907-daenemark2014 20140529_114356-daenemark2014 20140529_122942-daenemark2014 Thyboron Havn