Measuring the Heart Rate for Fitness and advanced Analysis

Heart Rate Analysis.

Heart rate analysis with excel – based on data exported by HRnavi+ running on Android.

Today I took the effort to try a new method of analysing the data I’ve been measuring with the Polar Wearlink Bluetooth device. Up to now, I’d been using an Android device along with the Runtastic App to connect to the Polar device and record heart rate and GPS coordinates over time. It worked good for me so far, but I felt too restricted as far as deeper analysis is concerned. So I searched the Apple and Google app stores for something that

  1. connects to my device (not straight forward!),
  2. records data received by the device (optionally together with GPS data), and
  3. exports the data into a human readable format.
  4. Optionally: Advanced analysis capability.

It took me half a day trial and error, and here is what I ended up with:

  • HRnavi+ by T.Miyanaga does exactly what I want: it received data from my devices and is capable of exporting them in human readable format. The export is so handy (one record every 5 seconds and meta data like start time are provided too), I just copy the time series into an excel sheet and generate a diagram. Refer to the screenshot shown here.
  • The windows applications Polar Precision Performance SW and Polar ProTrainer are capable of reading the exported file. Both provide advanced analysis features.

All in all, I am quite confident I found what I’d been looking for.