Annual report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution 1896

I have found the complete issue of an anual report of the Simthsonian Institute of 1896. The book was digitized and is available for download atĀ To be more precise: 1624 (!!!) pages were scanned. And itĀ comprises such an enormous, huge knowledge about all sorts of ancient things from all over the world. All with illustrations and precise descriptions. It is a pure pleasure to read it and explore its illustrations.

So many things the book deals with: Games like chess in all of its variations and also loads of ancient games played by native people all over the world. Not only their names, but also exhausting description of how to play them. Same counts for excotic instruments like this bronze age horn: Bronze Age Horn And even more,Ā it provides some interesting articles about possibly forgotten mysteries like that of this plate: Magi with Baresma Reading through this book, I cannot help but being reminded of how important it is to conserve knowledge. This book is a comprehensive archive of exotic utilities native people made use of in the 19th century. How many of this knowledge might already be forgotten, how many games no longer played, how many instruments haven’t made sounds for how long? And I really think this is one of the greatest achievements of the digital age and of the internet: making such rare knowledge available for everybody. And thus helping spreading and conserving it.


Some Pieces of Art

Lately, the internet is getting more and more of a place where public domain art is available. And I am writing about truly precious art, not rubbish somebody’s put online. For example, I’ve found tons of scans of old books, including such lovely illustrations like this one:

Public Domain Illustration

So many illustrations, so many of them a piece of art! Thanks to all those persons and institutes that took the effort scanning, cataloging and publishing then unter the public domain license. Truly enriching mankind and a slam into the faces of those who are trying to erase the history of mankind.


Numerous App for iOs – Let the Cloud do the Counting

For a long time, I’ve been messing around with various tools that count things for me like the number of workouts I do or track my weight. Even more apps that display temperature, do countdowns etc. Finally, I’ve found a single app that accumulates all numbers I need and even displays them online. The app is called Numerous and available at the iTunes Store for iOs.

Numerous offers a dashboard on the iPhone and the iPad. A large number of interesting “receipts” are available for being displayed on that dashboard, e.g. current temperature, moon phase, countdown to the next solar and lunar eclipse etc. For me more interesting is the capability of creating custom numbers. For instance, I created a manually triggerable receipt counting the number of times I hit the gym in 2015Ā and another one for the number of times I did serious cardio in 2015. The count is being increased by another app, which actually is the Do Button by IFTTT. This is a very convenient way for me to increase the count every time I hit the gym by simply pressing that one button. Since it is available for iOs and Android respectively, I am not restricted to iOs to increase counts.

All right, folks, numerous offers a receipt that shows the current number of numerous users. I am thrilled by what that guys have created. I am very keen to support them. So take my advise and go and get yourself an account there.